Call upon GBI Corporation to manage your properties. Get professional, courteous and efficient service at every turn. Enhance tenant satisfaction and cooperation through our highly effective, seasoned staff. Arrange a straightforward business relationship with GBI and leave the rest to us. We perform tasks listed here as well as additional responsibilities suitable to individual properties.

Financial Services

Accounts Payable

  • Pay all monthly bills and reconcile bank statements
  • Prepare and mail year end 1099’s
  • Obtain and maintain certificates of insurance on subcontractors

Accounts Receivable

  • Collect and deposit rents into operating account
  • Prepare and mail rent increase notices
  • Invoice late payments for overdue rent

General Ledger

  • Prepare and enter monthly journal entries
  • Provide monthly profit/loss and balance sheet statements
  • Provide monthly trial balance and variance reports

Maintenance Services

Routine Maintenance

  • Provide weekly inspections of building and grounds
  • Schedule customer service
  • Negotiate maintenance contracts with a minimum of three bids

Maintenance Contracts

  • HVAC and Plumbing
  • Janitorial and Pest Control
  • Grounds Maintenance and Snow Removal

Inspection and Testing

  • Elevator
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Sprinkler Systems

GBI Corporation provides 24/7 availability by cell phone. Customer service maintenance personnel are available at negotiated hourly rates and minimums. Inquire today and learn about our capabilities. If you wish to prepare for a meeting with us, then Print this page to use as our discussion agenda. Call at your convenience.6408 Grovedale 16412 Beulah Side Edited6400 Grovedale Edited6400 Beulah Street 2